Smart Transportation

Transportation sector is now a whirlwind of disruption. It also happens to be an area where QCerris has major experience. We’ve helped carriers, 3PLs, warehouse operators as well as logistics departments of major enterprises make sense of advanced technologies such as IoT.

Blockchain is a technology that was born in the world of cryptocurrencies, but its distributed security and openness make it an intriguing fit in logistics. QCerris has proprietary blockchain software platform designed to enable agile solution development in the logistics space. We have been on the forefront of early enterprise blockchain developments, such as tracking origin of goods and smart contract based trade finance solutions.

Our no-nonsense approach to get straight to the point and develop solutions has been very much appreciated and has lead to major gains in efficiency and revenue growth.

We keep investing in our capabilities at the forefront of the technology trend. Let us help you in these exciting times of change.