We have deep expertise developing Fintech solutions.

Regulatory compliance has long been the top of mind for the financial services executives. It is a major driver of technology spend in the industry. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence and the new sources of data opening, we believe that the time is right for the technology to open new avenues for growth.

We can still help you make your AML and KYC processes more efficient while working with you on tapping into exciting new growth opportunities. Our proprietary regulatory software framework enables agile integration of the leading edge AI, analytics and security building blocks into solutions specifically tailored according to our customers’ needs.

We’ve been helping banks and insurance companies embrace mobile, cloud, big data analytics and more recently Artificial Intelligence. Let us be your trusted adviser with these and even newer technologies such as Blockchain.

If blockchain is of interest we can certainly help

We’ve helped hedge funds reduce latency and jitter in their trading software. We have experience in harnessing leading AI libraries to optimize banking operations. Now we are participating in blockchain projects. In other words, we are on the bleeding edge of Fintech technology and we are committed to keep investing in our capabilities.

Let us help you!