We are hard core technologists who dedicated our careers to digital transformation of traditional industries. In some cases we’ve done the disruption bit, but our main goal is to be the trusted adviser and technology partner on our customers’ long haul journeys.

Cloud and Virtualization

Our principals have, on average, a couple of decades of experience in developing technologies for financial services, insurance, healthcare, transportation and telco. It is often the most traditional and highly regulated industries that offer the best potential for improvements by properly utilizing advanced technology. Most executives understand relatively simple ways to improve efficiency and save money in IT departments. Our mission is to enable true visionary leaders to harness leading edge technology to better serve their customers and to grow their businesses.

We have participated closely in the early days of virtualization of the data center and have grown along with the cloud paradigm, all the way to today’s multi cloud environments. We are utilizing the best of the public and private clouds as we carefully weight the costs and advantages of each approach. 

Data is the lifeblood of every modern enterprise and how you collect, store, prepare and analyze and use data matters immensely for the future success. We are working with leading cloud service providers and software vendors to be able to provide you with the optimal solution for your specific needs.

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Internet of Things

IoT is another one of those popular, buzzy words. Internet of Things. Internet of Everything … The basic idea is very simple, you attach sensors to everything, make those objects smart and use that data not only for the hygiene such as predictive maintenance but for a host of services many of which are yet to be invented. Simple. Of course, the technology under the hood is immensely complex and we know how to create the best architecture to fulfill your vision. It is our job to turn complex into simple.

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Artificial Intelligence

We are in the business of being your guide and trusted adviser in the exciting world of new technologies. Once in a while a technology comes around that has a potential for an outsized impact across industries. Think integrated circuit or the Internet. Enter Artificial Intelligence. Its recent resurgence builds on advances in compute power and data availability. We have been implementing project in financial services, healthcare and transportation that utilize the latest AI tools and libraries.

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our proprietary software framework is designed to accelerate development of your unique solutions while embedding the best of breed security and privacy features.

Our team is comprised of seasoned technology professionals and it includes prominent machine learning experts from the academia and the industry. We are standing ready to help you refine your vision and implement it together. Our DNA is that of hard core technologists, we thrive on hands on engagements.